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How it works

We are with you through out your health journey! We offer everything from free health analysis to fast product delivery and unlimited ongoing care in one seamless experience.

Health Analysis

Product Delivery

Ongoing Care

Health Analysis

We offer a range of tools that check your health and get you answers in less than 5 minutes. Our tools address problems faced by millions of real women and were created under the guidance of renowned women’s health experts.

We will ask you for a few basic details either about yourself, your goals, your lifestyle or medical history. You will then get a personalized health report, along with free tips on diet, exercise and sleep. Feel free to explore all our tools, we have something for every woman.

We assure you that your privacy and security is taken very seriously and is important to us.

Free Nutrition Report
AI powered Analysis
5 Minutes Only


Treatment Delivery

How are our Products Unique??

  • Scientifically backed Ingredients
  • Carefully Curated Ingredients
  • 100% Transparency on Ingredients

We know you are busy, so we deliver your products right to your door.

You can open your box in the comfort of your home, while in your pj’s. You can also track your order in real-time from any device. We have put together strict guidelines for shipment in light of COVID-19, to make sure that all our packages are safe.

What else? Most products in the market are made of unnecessary and toxic ingredients. We worked to research and create products with only the right ingredients, correct dosages and most absorbable forms.

Honest Products
Fast Delivery
24 x 7 Order Tracking
Contactless Package

Ongoing Care

We don’t stop at tools and products, we are with you throughout your health journey. Hera members can enjoy a range of features including and not limited to free health guides, unlimited nutritionist chats, automated daily reminders and special offers on subscription plans.

You just need to whatssap our care agents with your order number. Our care agents are trained to answer all your questions and get you any additional information in a friendly and thoughtful manner.

Health Guides
Doctor Chats
Daily Reminders
Subscription Plans

Want to take charge of your Health?

We are with you through your health journey

Health Analysis
Product Delivery
Ongoing Care

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